5 Tips for Driving in Fall Weather

With changing weather conditions and shorter days, fall is just around the corner. Here are five tips for safe, defensive driving in the fall months.

Fort Wayne Pedestrian Critically Injured by Car

A Fort Wayne pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle on Friday, September 15, 2017. The man was in critical condition following the accident.

America’s Top 100 Attorneys – Robert Boughter

Robert Boughter was selected for a Lifetime Achievement award to be among America's Top 100 Attorneys—an honor reserved for only exceptional attorneys.

5 Striking Statistics on Teen Car Accidents

Car crashes are the leading cause of teen death in the United States. If you've been in a car accident, contact Boughter Sinak today for a free case evaluation.

7 Damaging Myths About Motorcycle Safety

Keep myths out of your safety plan. If you've been in a motorcycle accident, contact motorcycle accident attorneys at Boughter Sinak today for a free evaluation.

10 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Real Riders 

On a motorcycle, you’re more exposed to obstructions in the road, cars, & trucks. If you or another driver isn't paying attention, the results could be catastrophic.

5 Water Safety Tips for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is a great time to take the boat out on the water before the summer ends. Make sure you stay safe on the water with these safety tips.

5 Most Common Summertime Dangers

If you’re injured due to someone’s negligent behavior or on poorly maintained property, you’ll need experienced personal injury or premises liability attorneys.

Keeping Your Kids Safe on the School Bus

Despite school buses being the safest mode of transportation for students, a child actively being unsafe or reckless on a bus can result in serious injuries.

5 Tips for Boating Safely This Summer 

Boating. Canoeing. Kayaking. All fun, exciting ways to spend summer days, but all activities that can result in injury or worse if you’re not safe about them.