Indiana Product Liability Attorneys

People often associate product liability with minor injuries or inconveniences. The reality is that accidents and injuries as a result of defective products can be life-threatening. Often times, the severity of the injury depends on the type of product and level of defect. At any rate, a defective product is a result of negligence that our team of Indiana injury attorneys won’t stand for.

With product liability claims ranging from forklift defects to common household items such as a casserole dish, our product liability lawyers will aggressively represent you to bring about the maximum compensation for your injuries. A few product defect claims we’ve been able to represent include:

  • Home appliances
  • Workplace machinery
  • Cribs
  • Lawn mowers & landscaping tools
  • Swimming pools
  • Power tools and nail guns
  • Cookware
  • Children’s toys
  • Restaurant food

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced product liability attorneys if you think you have a case. We will help you determine the potential third parties involved in your claim and will not back down until you’ve been fairly represented.

Quaker Oats - What’s Really in your Oatmeal?

Quaker Oats has been flagged as a product liability case for being dishonest about carcinogens in the ingredients. Their false advertising has mislead consumers for years, and their product no longer stands by their slogan, "100 Percent Natural."

Largest U.S. Safety Recall: Takata Airbag

Major parts supplier, Takata, unfortunately contributed to several of the frustrating instances mentioned above. Recalls on airbags have been reported in vehicles made by 14 different automakers.
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