We fight for your rights to workers’ compensation benefits and provide direction in determining whether an additional workplace injury claim can be filed against a third party for maximum compensation.

Third Degree Chemical Burns | Burns/Workers’ Compensation

Workers' compensation settlement for a man injured in a chemical explosion resulting in severe 3rd degree burns covering 39% body surface area.


Machine Defect & Amputation

Client suffered an amputation of two fingers when his hand got smashed in a machine due to a defect. Boughter Sinak, LLC secured the client all benefits he was entitled to under the Worker’s Compensation Act, including an amount in excess of the value for his amputation. Boughter Sinak, LLC is currently litigating a third party product liability claim against the manufacturer of the alleged defective machine.  


Desk Chair Injury | General Negligence Settlement

Settlement for a woman who while attempting to sit down in her chair at work, fell face forward hitting her head on her desk because the carpet underneath her chair had bunched up and caught the wheel of her chair. Boughter Sinak, LLC represented the client in both her worker's compensation and third party claim against the landowner for failure to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe condition. Liability was strongly contested with the landowner arguing that it was the responsibility of the Plaintiff's employer, State of Indiana, to provide chair mats to prevent the chair from getting caught on the carpet. However, after extensive discovery, it was learned that the floor had been damaged due to water intrusion, which contributed to the poor condition of the carpet. In addition, we were able to demonstrate that the Defendant's argument that it was the State's responsibility to provide chair mats was tenuous at best since immediately after the accident, the landowner purchased chair mats.


Fall from Scissor Lift

Client suffered multiple injuries at work when he fell from a scissor lift.  After a prior law firm was unsuccessful in representing the client, the client put a “fighter on his side.”  While the value of client’s permanency rating totaled a mere $12,600.00, Boughter Sinak, LLC aggressively represented the client and secured a settlement nearly 12 times the value of his rating.   


Below-Knee Amputation

Client suffered a below the knee amputation as a result of his leg being crushed by a tractor while at work.  Boughter Sinak, LLC successfully recovered all benefits client was entitled to under Indiana law, including negotiating the maximum value for his amputation, plus costs to cover future medical expenses and preserving his right to replacement prosthetics pursuant to the Worker’s Compensation Act.  


Injured Back & Wrist

Recovery for a man who injured his back and suffered a broken wrist while working within the course and scope of his employment as a truck driver.  The client had picked up a load of baked goods from a local bakery.  As he climbed on back of the bakery’s trailer to secure the load, the canvas strap broke and the client fell off the rear of the trailer landing hard to the ground.  Multiple depositions of the defendant’s employees were taken that established a lackadaisical attitude towards safety.  The bakery employee, a supervisor, who oversaw the loading of the trailer at issue admitted in his deposition that if the trailers are loaded to the back door that this poses a danger to the drivers.  Boughter Sinak, LLC retained a trucking expert, vocational expert, and medical expert, all of which fostered the winning result obtained.  In addition to the $500,000.00 recovery in the third party case, Boughter Sinak, LLC recovered $200,000 for the client in his worker’s compensation case along with his TTD, medical, and waiver of the worker’s compensation lien bringing the total value in excess of $800,000.00.