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100 Deadliest Days

School is out for the Summer months, and with vacant hallways and classrooms comes filled sidewalks and streets as students are spending their days outside. The months between the end of a school year and the start of a new one are unique because teens are able to sleep in and stay out later than normal. This new found freedom puts parents in an interesting position and creates a situation that begs for more parental control during the Summer. In fact, recent studies have shown that the highest number of U.S. teen traffic deaths happen during the Summer months (June-August).

nonprofit organization based in Virginia urges parents to "combat both teen drinking and drunk driving this Summer." In an effort to see this through, the WRAP (Washington Regional Alcohol Program) has created "Tips for a Safe Summer," a 5-point resource to educate parents. It is designed to teach parents how to best deflect their teens from under-aged drinking. Keep reading to see the 5 points:

  1. Know the facts: Under-aged drinking can lead to unintentional, yet substational harm, traffic accidents, violence, property damage, and more. Moreover, vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of U.S. teen deaths.
  2. Talk with your teen: Studies show that parents have a significant impact on the decisions and behaviors of their children. Having open and ongoing conversations about alcohol with your children can help them to understand the risks and implications of under-aged drinking.
  3. Foster self-confidence: Speaking truth and encouragement into your teens can give them the self-confidence they need to say "No" to drinking. 
  4. Lay down the law: Several states have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to under-aged drinking. Make sure your teens are aware and understand that their choices could have severe legal implications.
  5. Beware of your civil liability: Remember, it is against the law for your child's friends to consume alcohol in your home. Additionally, if the same "friends" are involved in a vehicle accident, you could be held responsible. 

Car accidents, injury, and under-aged drinking can be prevented. Do your part to protect your teens during the 100 deadliest days of summer. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death as the result of a vehicle accident, you will want an experienced car accident lawyer fighting to protect your rights. At Boughter Sinak, LLC, our attorneys handle accident and injury cases exclusively throughout the state of Indiana. We will aggressively represent you to get you the compensation and justice you deserve.