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CARE of South Bend, IN - Hambone and Sweet Pea’s Story

This is the tale of two homeless dogs; Hambone (pictured) and Sweet Pea.

Sweet as could be but with no one to love, these two angels arrived at South Bend Animal Care & Control sad, scared and unfortunately, very sick.

Hambone (a.k.a. Hammy) arrived weeks before Sweet Pea. Soon after intake, Hammy was diagnosed with an advanced stage of heartworm. On top of his heartworm, he had the worrisome signs of something potentially worse going on such as neurological trouble.

Sweet Pea arrived at the shelter with a prolapsed uterus, a life threatening condition that required immediate veterinary care.

Veterinary care of this nature doesn't come cheap, that’s where CARE of South Bend comes in.  Recognizing how special these two dogs were, CARE committed to covering the cost of their care.

Sweet pea survived her emergency surgery and her spay to later go on to develop Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). Hammy survived his heartworm treatment, his neuter and his eye ulcer to later go on to develop a life threatening respiratory infection.

It was a tough road for these 2 adorable dogs, but they took it all in stride with their tails still wagging.  After receiving the care they needed both dogs went on to make a complete recovery and to be adopted into loving families.

Stories like this remind all of us at Boughter Sinak, LLC how important CARE's work is for the South Bend community, and we are proud to have been able to contribute financially to their cause through our "Share4Care" campaign.