As a personal injury law firm, we regularly represent clients who have to deal with insurance companies after an accident of some kind. More often than not, insurance companies deny claims, or offer low-ball settlements. Boughter Sinak, LLC has experience reviewing insurance policies and resolving disputes even though coverage has been denied. It's important to be aware of the schemes insurance companies may be up to, and we always recommend hiring a skilled lawyer to guide you through your claim process. Here is a list of important details insurance companies don't want you to know about.

  1. Strict timelines can prevent a victim from going to court. If the victim is unaware of these dates, the opportunity to be heard in court 
  2. Insurance companies (auto) use the Colossus computer program to evaluate accident claims. It favors the insurance company because the software does not consider subjective circumstances and elements.
  3. Insurance companies are profit driven, meaning they will likely do everything they can to minimize claim payments, leaving you with less than you deserve. 
  4. An adjuster is assigned to investigate an accident immediately after the insurance company is notified. These adjusters are hired by the insurance company and will likely give the insurance company grounds to dispute the claim.
  5. Victims who are represented by legal counsel are consistently given a higher compensation. Without a lawyer, insurance companies will try to get you to settle for a low-ball deal so you don’t have to go to court. That being said, insurance companies don’t want you to seek out a lawyer, because a lawyer will advise you to fight in court.
  6. If you are a victim of an uninsured motorist, your own insurance company will actually feel more like an opponent. Your policy requires you to cooperate with the insurance company, but since the motorist was uninsured, they will try to minimize your claim.
  7. Unless you report every injury immediately after the accident, the insurance company can accuse you of lying or embellishing if a medical issue arises after the fact that was directly related to the accident.
  8. Recorded statements can actually hurt your claim. If you record a statement, then testify in court at a later date, your story has to be identical. If you leave out any small details, insurance companies will use that to accuse you of lying.
  9. Insurance companies use marketing and PR tactics to make the public think lawsuits are extravagant and unnecessary. They want you to second guess your decision to hire a lawyer so that you are quick to settle for a low compensation claim.
  10. In the event that the insurance company won’t settle, court juries typically reward fair compensation. If an insurance company knows a victim is lying, they will refuse a settlement so that the lying victim has to be punished in court. That being said, always be honest about your accident.

With all of these things to consider, you will want an aggressive personal injury lawyer on your side when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today if you are in need of a lawyer to walk you through dealing with an insurance company. Put a fighter on your side! 


Source: MattLaw & California Brain Injury Group

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