Siegfried the Great Becomes Law Firm's Mascot

The team at Boughter Sinak, LLC has a passion for animals and supports multiple animal rescue centers throughout the country. In January of 2017, Mr. Boughter adopted Siegfried the Great ("Ziggy") from Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles. Siegfried, a beautiful German Shepherd, developed a seizure disorder as a puppy. His family was unfortunately unable to afford his seizure medication causing them to turn him in to a high-kill shelter where he remained for several weeks until Westside German Shepherd rescued him.

Ziggy's Journey

During his stay at the shelter, Ziggy was kept crated and not taken on many walks which resulted in a painful knee condition. Siegfried was in a constant state of depression, likely bewildered why he had been given up by his family. While many people were interested in Siegfried, no one seemed to want to take on his seizure disorder and the financial obligations that would come along with it. Westside Germand Shepherd Rescue did a wonderful job promoting Ziggy's story on Facebook, but despite months of effort, he was unable to find a forever home.

However, Mr. Boughter came across the story on social media and could not bear the thought of such a beautiful dog being without a home because of his medical condition. With that thought in mind, he made arrangements to bring Ziggy home to Indiana. Ziggy's rescue mother and angel, Jackie Finkler-Reeves, drove him all the way from L.A. to Fort Wayne, Indiana in the winter.

Forever Home

Ziggy has adapted to the good life in Indiana where he now has a loving family with two brothers, Bronx and Bentley, and one sister, Chavela, that he loves to play with. In the summer, Ziggy underwent knee surgery to correct the painful condition and his knee has fully healed. Ziggy has become the law firm's mascot and will often be seen whenever his dad is at the office. He even likes to sit in on depositions and mediation—especially when defense counsel needs to be kept in line!

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