Now that fall is here… you are probably enjoying all of the fall colors on the trees. You may even have a specific tree at your home that you look forward to seeing turn bright red, orange, or yellow every year. When the leaves start changing colors, they also start falling, so make sure that you take the steps necessary to protect yourself from a premises liability or personal injury lawsuit.

As the leaves begin to fall, home and business owners are legally responsible for maintaining the safety of their property. While this doesn’t mean that having a few leaves in your yard or on your sidewalk puts you at risk of a lawsuit, it does mean that you must take action to ensure that leaves do not build-up so much as to cause a hazard. This means timely raking or blowing off of leaves is a must. Also, having your trees trimmed regularly can help reduce the total amount of leaves (making your job just a little bit easier when fall rolls around).

Leaves are composed of high amounts of water and they often fall in larger amounts when we get a heavy rain. This becomes a problem as wet leaves are extremely slippery and can result in a slip and fall on your property. Whether it’s your neighbor, the mailman or a door-to-door salesman, you could be liable for any damages suffered from a fall on your property.

In addition to the liability aspect of leaves, you may also want to consider your duties as a good neighbor. If you have a tree that is constantly dropping leaves on your neighbor’s property, it may be time for a friendly conversation to discuss possible solutions. While you are not legally responsible for leaves that fall on someone else’s property, it is still a good idea to help reduce any inconvenience that your trees may be causing to someone else. This could mean trimming back your trees’ branches on the side adjacent to your neighbor’s property or helping with the raking in your neighbor’s yard. If you have children, get them involved. It could be a great opportunity to show them what being a good neighbor is all about.

If you or someone you know have been injured on someone else’s property due to negligence, wet leaves, or otherwise, you deserve compensation. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the legal process. Contact Boughter Sinak for a free evaluation today.

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