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Electric scooters and other types of e-bikes have become increasingly common in many cities around the country, including Fort Wayne. A quick, easy, affordable way to get around, many people now own or rent eco-friendly scooters through ride-sharing companies like Veo.

Unfortunately, scooter accidents happen as well. And when they do, it’s often because drivers behave in a reckless or negligent manner and hit people operating scooters on the road. When that happens, it’s critical that injury victims take legal action right away.

Our Fort Wayne scooter accident lawyers at Boughter Sinak, LLC know how to handle these complicated legal cases. We’re familiar with the constantly changing local, state and federal laws covering electric scooter accidents. As your attorney, we can aggressively investigate your crash and build the strongest possible legal case in support of your injury claim.

What are Indiana’s scooter laws?

In Indiana, scooter riders can use an E-scooter on streets and bike paths without a license, without insurance or without registering the scooter, provided the vehicle meets certain criteria – its maximum speed is 20 mph, has three or fewer wheels, and weighs less than 100 pounds.

Local laws apply as well. In Fort Wayne, Veo e-scooters can currently only operate in a specific geographic zone which includes all of downtown, nearby neighborhoods, and the University of Saint Francis main campus, according to the City of Fort Wayne’s website. E-scooter riders are also encouraged to operate in bike lanes; they can use sidewalks, but operators must yield to pedestrians. E-scooters on public roads must obey all the same traffic laws as motor vehicles.

In addition, ridesharing companies like Veo have their own rules and regulations when it comes to renting an e-scooter. Specifically, riders must be 18 years old to operate an e-scooter and “are strongly encouraged to wear helmets,” according to the City of Fort Wayne’s website.

Why do scooter accidents happen?

Electric scooter accidents happen for many different reasons. Often, such accidents happen because of something another driver did, which resulted in the collision. Common causes of E-scooter accidents include:

  • Distracted driving, including texting while driving
  • Speeding and not having enough time to slow down and avoid a collision
  • Aggressive driving, including tailgating or not leaving enough space alongside the road
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of another drug, including marijuana

Is this how your scooter accident happened in Fort Wayne? Or are you dealing with a different type of accident? Whatever the circumstances of your crash, you deserve to be fairly compensated for your accident-related expenses. That’s why you need to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Who will pay for my scooter accident?

Like many states, Indiana has what’s commonly referred to as an “at-fault” insurance system. This means the at-fault party (and their insurance company) is responsible for compensating injury victims for their accident-related expenses. As a result, if another driver caused your accident, their insurance company is responsible for paying for all your accident-related expenses.

This might sound simple. But many times, insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying injury victims the money they deserve. That’s because accident claims can easily add up to thousands of dollars or significantly more, especially for vulnerable road users like e-scooter riders.

What can I be compensated for?

You can and should be compensated for all your accident-related expenses if another driver caused your electric scooter accident. What you might not realize is such expenses can cover a wide range. It’s not just short-term expenses immediately after your accident – expenses years after your accident should be covered as well. Such expenses can include:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Surgical procedures
  • Hospital fees
  • Prescription medications
  • Follow-up doctor’s appointments
  • Replacement income if you cannot work while you’re recovering from your injury
  • Lost future income if you cannot return to work due to a permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering in certain circumstances
  • Follow-up surgical procedures to address long-term medical issues due to your accident

You didn’t do anything wrong. You deserve to be financially compensated for all your past, present and future expenses. That’s why you need an attorney on your side, demanding the money you rightfully deserve.

How can a lawyer help?

Scooter accidents can be complicated for many reasons. Often, it’s because the driver who caused the accident denies doing anything wrong. Instead, they might try to blame you, claiming you were the one behaving in a reckless or negligent manner.

Other times, it’s the at-fault driver’s insurance company that’s the problem. Rather than simply paying for your accident-related expenses, some insurance companies will do everything they can to reduce or deny your injury claim.

They don’t intimidate us. We know the law and understand how the legal system works in Fort Wayne. Injured electric scooter riders deserve to be compensated if someone else caused their crash. As your lawyer, we will vigorously fight for the money you rightfully deserve, whether it’s negotiating a better settlement offer or filing a lawsuit on your behalf and taking your case to court. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation at our Fort Wayne, Indiana office right now. We’re serious about your scooter accident.

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