Whether an accident is caused by dangerous road conditions or inattentive drivers, our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys can fight for the maximum possible compensation in your situation.

Motorcycle Accident & Policy Limits

Boughter Sinak, LLC recovered the maximum available under the at fault driver’s auto policy.  The at-fault driver did not see the motorcyclist and turned directly into his path of travel.  The insurer did not initially accept liability because witness testimony suggested that the motorcyclist was speeding.  Notwithstanding, Boughter Sinak, LLC convinced the insurer to tender the limits short of filing a lawsuit.  


Collision Ejected Motorcyclist Causing Injury

Our client was operating his motorcycle when a vehicle turned in front of him, thereby causing a violent collision and resulting in the client being ejected from his motorcycle and flipped over the vehicle, landing hard in the roadway. Client’s health insurer initially denied paying any of client’s medical bills arguing that because the injury arose from a motorcycle accident, health insurance did not apply. Upon retaining Boughter Sinak, the health insurer was warned that in the event that they did not begin processing payment of his bills, suit will be filed. Shortly thereafter, all bills were processed through his health insurance, thereby saving the client tens of thousands of dollars. While the liability insurer for the at-fault driver denied the extent of client’s injury, Boughter Sinak resolved the case for the fair value of the claim without ever having to file a lawsuit.