A collision with a semi-truck is often devastating, leading to property damage and catastrophic or fatal injuries. Our Indiana injury attorneys will fight to ensure the monetary compensation you deserve.

Surgery Resulting in Death

Recovery for the Estate of a woman whose vehicle was involved in a trucking accident.  Client sustained a neck injury and after conservative treatment failed she underwent neck surgery.  Unfortunately, the client suffered a dire complication following surgery, which was a known risk of the surgery that eventually led to her death.  Liability was seriously contested, especially in light of the fact that there was little property damage to the client’s vehicle.  The defense argued that an accident with so little damage could not have possibly led to such a catastrophic injury.  Nonetheless, through expert medical testimony, Boughter Sinak, LLC was able to establish causation linking the trucking accident to the neck injury and surgery.  In addition, Boughter Sinak, LLC presented a compelling video of the decedent’s widower, friends and the testifying medical expert.   


Fracture Injury | Dump Truck Accident

Settlement pre-suit for a young woman who suffered a fracture of her tibia and fibula as a result of dump truck pulling out in front of her. Upon being notified of the incident, Boughter Sinak, LLC immediately retained an accident re-constructionist to conduct a site inspection and inspection of both vehicles involved in the crash. In addition, Boughter Sinak, LLC retained two additional experts, a vocational economist and a life care planner, which helped facilitate settlement without ever having to file a lawsuit.


Cyclist Struck by Company Truck

Recovery for a prominent chef in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who was struck by a supply company truck, while riding his bicycle.  The truck driver pulled from the stop sign directly into the path of the client knocking him to the ground.  The client suffered a head injury, which required a three day hospitalization.  Once released from the hospital the client did not have any significant medical treatment.  The medical bills totaled approximately $30,000.00; however, Boughter Sinak, LLC argued that the amount of the bills were not truly representative of the value of the claim given that the client lost his sense of taste and smell.  The defense contested the extent of the injuries leading Boughter Sinak, LLC to send the client for a neuropsychological evaluation with an independent medical expert, which established that client had significant ongoing problems.  At mediation, the defense offered a mere $90,000.00, which the client rejected on advice of counsel.  Several months later, the case settled for the fair value of the claim short of trial.


Rear Ended by Semi Truck – Multiple Traumatic Injuries

A mother and father were traveling home with their young son, who was in a car seat, when a semi-tractor trailer driver became distracted and failed to stop, thereby forcefully rear-ending their vehicle. The truck driver initially denied liability and defended on grounds that the Plaintiff failed to keep a lookout in his rear-view mirror and could have avoided the accident. All three family members were seriously injured in the accident; however, they all made a good physical recovery with the child having no permanent injuries. Once a lawsuit was filed, Attorney Sinak flew to Wisconsin to take the deposition of the truck driver who admitted he was distracted and rear ended the Plaintiffs’ vehicle. The truck driver further admitted that there was nothing the Plaintiffs could have done to avoid the accident. Once liability was locked in, the case resolved for the fair value of all claims at mediation. 


Government-Owned Truck Injures Woman

A county government-owned truck pulled directly into the path of a young woman resulting in serious fractures of her lower extremity. The government denied liability and argued that our client was contributorily negligent, thereby barring her claim. Boughter Sinak immediately retained an accident reconstructionist to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, as well as an independent medical expert to determine the long-term complications that will be associated with her serious injury. After extensive litigation, including depositions, Boughter Sinak was able to establish that the county employee was solely at fault for the subject accident, resulting in a recovery close to the statutory maximum. The settlement included an impressive $100,000.00 secured on behalf of her husband for loss of consortium, who was not involved in the subject accident.