Who’s Liable in a Trucking Accident?

Have questions about who's at fault in a trucking accident? Contact Boughter Sinak, LLC today for a free evaluation.

Top Reasons Pedestrians Get Hurt

If you've been hurt by a moving vehicle or bike, or injured as a pedestrian due to other circumstances, someone else's negligence could be to blame. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure the insurance companies treat you fairly. 

5 Potential Tire Hazards on Road Trips

Road trips are often the highlight of summer vacation, but is your car up for the trip? Here's 5 tire hazards you may experience on your road trip.

5 Striking Statistics on Teen Car Accidents

Car crashes are the leading cause of teen death in the United States, and teen driving statistics show that teens are at risk for car accidents. With more teens on the road in the summer, here are some things to keep in mind.

5 Most Common Summertime Dangers

If you’re injured due to someone’s negligent behavior or on poorly maintained property, you’ll need experienced personal injury or premises liability attorneys.

National Safe Boating Week: Safety Tips

Our boating accident attorneys in Indiana can help if you need injury lawyers after an accident. It's National Safe Boating Week and a perfect time to highlight boating safety before Memorial Day weekend. Here's a few tips!

Keep Indiana Construction Crews Safe

Though the construction crew workers are surrounded by bright orange traffic cones, posted warning signs, and the reflective safety vests they are required to wear, the risk of an injury is still great.

8 Ways to Ensure Safety While Riding a Motorcycle

A motorcycle crash is nearly 30 times more likely to end in fatality than a standard motor vehicle crash. Your safety is our priority. Here’s a few ways for new and seasoned motorcyclists to ensure safety while enjoying the ride.

St. Patrick’s Day: History & Facts

Consider these statistics before getting in the car this weekend. If you are involved in a vehicle accident or personal injury situation, don't hesitate to call our law firm. We have accident and injury lawyers standing by to assist you.

4 Myths About Your Personal Injury Case

It’s easy for wrong information to be spread in place of the more accurate, less discernible information. Here are four common myths about personal injury cases and why they’re incorrect.