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When you're injured in a motorcycle accident in Indiana, you're facing challenges on two sides. You're dealing with your actual injuries, which are often severe. And you're dealing with bias on the part of insurance companies and others who assume your crash must have been your fault.

We know the truth at Boughter Sinak, LLC. We know that most motorcyclists are safe, responsible operators who follow the rules of the road. And in the wake of a serious accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm will fight for the justice you deserve.

After a serious injury, put a fighter on your side

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries. That's because bikers travel at the same speed as passenger cars but have much less protection in the event of a crash. Even with protective gear such as helmets, goggles and leather or denim clothing, serious injuries are common. Some of the injuries we've seen include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Loss of limbs
  • Internal injuries
  • Muscle injuries
  • Biker's arm
  • Broken bones
  • Road rash

Even a seemingly minor injury can have far-reaching effects on your life, especially if you're out of work while recovering. And if you've sustained a permanent, life-altering injury, you may need a lifetime's worth of compensation. Unfortunately, injured bikers often face an uphill battle to get the compensation they need and deserve.

Each year in Indiana, more than 120 people die in motorcycle accidents. Source: Indiana Department of TransportationWe know how to overcome biases against bikers

Many people, including potential jurors, see motorcyclists as irresponsible thrill-seekers. They're automatically inclined to believe that you must have done something to cause your crash. The insurance companies know this, and they take full advantage. They have teams of attorneys and adjusters working to pay you as little as possible - or nothing at all.

That's why you need to contact us right away. We know how to overcome those biases. Our team will thoroughly investigate your crash and find out exactly what happened. We'll talk to witnesses, take pictures of the scene and retain experts as needed to prove that the driver who hit you was at fault - and to justify every dime of compensation you need for your injuries.

We're proven trial attorneys because we know how to convince Indiana juries of the merits of your case. It's not about smoke and mirrors; it's about hard evidence. We're prepared to build a strong case that's ready to take to court. Often, the insurance companies are willing to settle for fair value rather than go to trial - but if they won't cooperate, we'll keep fighting for you from start to finish. We have a proven record of success, including a $1.4 million recovery for a young woman who died in a motorcycle accident.

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