Stay Safe During National Safety Month

It takes one slip in judgment to completely ruin your summer vacation—we usually think of winter as being the most treacherous months out of the year, but summer has its dangers, too. A complete accident can even result in permanent injury. It’s always wise to be mindful of your personal safety and the safety of others. June is National Safety Month so here are five scenarios in which you should definitely pay extra attention.


  1. Road trip collisions.

    One of the most common types of accidents are the ones that happen on the road and while driving tends to be more dangerous in the winter, there are more people out on the roads in the summer and many of them are traveling, meaning they’re not familiar with the roadways they’re on. All of the usual dangers are in full force on the road—including drunk drivers, poor road conditions, lack of signage, poor lighting, and so on—and there are more drivers out and about to cause problems, so stay alert and do your best to stay safe for yourself and others.
  2. Poor security in public spaces.

    Business owners are obligated to provide reasonable safety measures to keep their customers out of harm’s way—that being said, if a property owner knows about holes in their security measures and doesn’t do what’s necessary to fix them, they can be held liable if you get hurt on their property. In line with that, tourists are sometimes easy targets for thieves, types of attacks which can be made easier by faulty hotel and motel security. If you’re attacked and your hotel or motel’s safety precautions aren’t up to standards, you may be able to hold the property owner liable for the incident, even if your attacker is never caught.
  3. Public transit accidents.

    Public transit is a go-to for vacationers who don’t bring their cars along for the trip—this includes buses, boats, charters, trains, and more. All of these leave plenty of room for damage to be done. If you’re in an accident with any of these types of public transit, the operator of the transport vehicle or the company who owns it could be held liable if they didn’t keep up on maintenance of the vehicle or if the hired operators are incompetent.
  4. Injuries due to recreational activities.

    Parasailing, biking, hiking, boating, playing sports, swimming, and more are on the table as far as things to do in the summer months. However, it’s very easy to hurt yourself while you’re having fun and not paying attention to the terrain or what’s going on around you. In the instance of an amusement park or another recreational facility, if you’re injured due to inexperienced staff, unsafe equipment, or a treacherous environment, you can potentially hold the owner of that facility liable for compensation.

  5. Tripping and falling.

    Almost any environment has the potential for a trip or slip and fall accident—including summer settings like beaches, slick poolside pavement, uneven sidewalks, water park platforms, and more just adds to that chance of falling and really hurting yourself. Children and the elderly are even more prone to these types of accidents. Sometimes the facility owner can be held liable, but regardless of liability an injury can ruin your vacation in an instant, especially if you find out the injury could’ve been very easily prevented.

More than anything, it’s important to stay safe and happy during your summer vacation. However, if you’re injured due to someone’s negligent behavior or injured on a poorly maintained property, you’ll need experienced personal injury lawyers on your side. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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