Aiden arrived at the CARE of South Bend shelter with a terrible injury. His front leg was completely broken and appeared to have been that way for some time.

Despite his injury, this little guy was as sweet and loving as could be.

The SBACC staff worked to stabilize Aiden and provided him with pain meds, a hearty meal and a soft and comfy bed, but that's all that they could do.
Because Aiden’s medical needs were beyond what the team at SBACC could provide, Aiden needed to be treated through the CARE of South Bend Hope and Second Chances program.

Over the years, hundreds of animals at SBACC have received medical treatment paid for by CARE of South Bend. That's why The Hope and Second Chances Fund is so important, and Boughter Sinak, LLC is proud to have been able to help provide care for animals, just like Aiden, through our "Share4Care" campaign. Thanks for helping us reach our goal of 1000 likes!

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