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CARE of South Bend, IN - Everett’s Story

Everett is a sweet boy who arrived at South Bend Animal Care & Control (CARE of South Bend, IN) as a stray. Like so many dogs at SBACC, Everett appeared to have lived a life of neglect.  Despite his playful and affectionate disposition, Everett was living with a very large tumor on his stomach.

In the past, the funds needed to pay for expensive surgeries and treatments were simply not available and animals, like Everett, would traditionally have been euthanized.  Many of these animals would have made wonderful, loving pets if only they had access to the medical treatment they needed. 

That’s where the Hope and Second Chances Veterinary Fund (HSCVF) comes in. The HSCVF was created to give these animals the second chances they deserve. By paying for medical treatment that otherwise would not be available to them, the Fund is saving lives that in the past would have been lost.

Thanks to the HSCVF, Everett had surgery to remove his tumor. At Boughter Sinak, LLC, we believe in hope and second chances and thanks to this important fund, wonderful animals like Everett are getting the second chance at life that they deserve!  We are so pleased that the money we raised through our Share4Care campaign is being used to save the lives of animals, just like Everett.

Click here to watch a pre-surgery video of Everett.