Daniel Jones became affiliated with the Fort Wayne Urban League when he was a sophomore in high school. He attended after-school programs that allowed him to concentrate and put his studies first. The programs Daniel attended at the Fort Wayne Urban League created a space for him to work hard and prepare for college. As he pushed forward, he graduated high school and even earned a full-ride scholarship to IPFW. Along with this, he was able participate in a FWUL contest to win a laptop - and he won! 

Throughout his college years, he returned to the Urban League to participate in a work-study program. The stepping stones provided by the Fort Wayne Urban League gave Daniel the encouragement to finish college and reach out to the local youth. He has gone on to work for the Coca-Cola Company and has successfully been with them for the past 5 years.

Daniel shared, "Being part of the Urban League has helped me grow as a person; as a man. I appreciate everything the Urban League has done for me and I encourage everyone else to get involved wherever you can." He expressed the importance of community involvement and giving back to the Fort Wayne Urban League. Getting the youth involved and off the streets will further education and help to teach them the core values of life.

Stories like Daniel's aren't uncommon. The FWUL has impacted several lives and is a driving force of growth and achievement in Fort Wayne. To give back to the Fort Wayne Urban League, partner with our Fight4FortYouth Campaign and donate.

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