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At the “crossroads of America,” Fort Wayne and northeastern Indiana see a lot of motorcycles. Unfortunately, that also means we see a lot of motorcycle accidents.

The outcome of these terrible crashes is often severe – they can be fatal, or result in brain damage, paralysis, and amputation, among other serious injuries.

Many motorcycle accidents are the other driver’s fault. But insurance adjusters will blame injured motorcycle riders for the crashes caused by motorists regardless. They know that if they can saddle you with enough fault for the crash, they may even be able to justify rejecting your claim.

We fight for injured Fort Wayne bikers

Boughter Sinak, LLC knocks the insurance company’s nonsense out cold.

Our Fort Wayne motorcycle accident lawyers are dedicated to the Allen County community. We understand that after a bad crash your health and financial stability are hanging in the balance. That's why we don't back down. We don’t give up.

If you were injured or a loved one died in a Fort Wayne motorcycle accident, contact us today to schedule a free case consultation. At no cost to you and at no obligation to hire us, we can answer your crash-related legal questions and help weigh your options.

Fort Wayne motorcycle accident crash hotspots

In Fort Wayne, crashes can happen anywhere, but some spots experience more fatal motorcycle accidents than others. In recent years, deadly Fort Wayne bike wrecks have occurred at:

  • W Jefferson Boulevard (US 27) at Webster Street by Parkview Field; at Reckeweg Road; and at Covington Road.
  • S Clinton Street at E Creighton Avenue by Reservoir Park.
  • Broadway at Lavina Street.
  • Illinois Road at Apple Glen Boulevard by Jefferson Pointe.
  • Goshen Road (US-33) at Carroll Road; at Glesking Road; and at Felger Road.

Boughter Sinak, LLC knows Fort Wayne and how to get results for injured bikers in Allen County. Our lawyers put the highest value on your injury treatment, pain, and losses. We know how to build a strong, evidence-backed case that supports your claim for the compensation you deserve.

Types of motorcycle accidents we handle

Our Fort Wayne motorcycle accident attorneys stand up for victims of all types of motorcycle crashes. Cases we handle include:

  • Left turn accident – When another vehicle turns directly into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Slide-out and over-brake accident – Sometimes, when a biker is trying to avoid a crash with a larger oncoming vehicle, they over-brake. The wheels skid, they lose control of the motorcycle, and a bad accident typically follows.
  • Ejection – If a motorcycle makes an abrupt stop, is hit by another vehicle, or strikes an object, the impact often causes the rider to be ejected from their bike.
  • Road debris or change in road condition – Unexpected debris like sand, gravel, leaves, junk, etc. can cause an accident if the biker has to suddenly stop or swerve and a motorist is following too closely.
  • Merging, changing lanes – A glance at traffic by a negligent driver likely won’t be enough to keep bikers safe. This type of accident can often be fatal for bikers.
  • Rear-end accident – Just a “tap” from another vehicle can knock a motorcycle rider off their bikes. Tailgating, or otherwise following too closely, is often the cause behind this type of crash.
  • Dooring – A vehicle doesn’t have to be moving to seriously injure someone on a motorcycle. Dooring accidents are when the door of a parked or stopped vehicle flies open right in front of a bike. This type of accident can almost always be avoided when people check for vehicles and pedestrians before opening doors.
  • Head-on collision – These often happen when a motorist crosses into the oncoming lane of traffic.
  • Fatal – The deadliest injuries for a motorcycle rider are to the chest and head.

Average motorcycle accident settlement

Because every motorcycle accident is unique and can result in a wide range of injuries of various severity, it is hard to provide an estimated average settlement for a motorcycle accident in Indiana.

However, we can tell you that many motorcycle accident claims settle for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some even end with million-dollar verdicts.

Compensation is typically determined by the type and severity of your injuries and how the crash has detracted from your quality of life. Common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
  • Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).
  • Back injury.
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries.
  • Burns, cuts, bruises.
  • Fractured bones.
  • Amputated limbs.
  • Internal organ damage.

While past results are not a guarantee of how much you are eligible to collect, you should know that Boughter Sinak, LLC always seeks maximum compensation. Among our case results is recovering $1.4 million in damages for the family of a fatal motorcycle accident. In another case, we recovered $225,000 for an injured biker who was ejected from their motorcycle in a crash.

Fort Wayne motorcycle accident attorneys proudly serving Indiana

Boughter Sinak, LLC attorneys are experienced professionals. We have gone up against the same insurance companies that you may be dealing with and come out on top. Let us go toe-to-toe with the adjusters and their lawyers while you focus on healing.

There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expense for our lawyers’ services. We represent injured motorcycle accident victims for a contingency fee, which is an agreed-upon percentage of a settlement or verdict. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

If you were injured or a loved one died in a Fort Wayne motorcycle accident, get Boughter Sinak, LLC’s signature aggressive and compassionate Five Diamond Service. Start with a free case consultation. We will listen to the details of your accident, give you a claim estimate, and help weigh your options for justice and compensation.

Do not delay in reaching out. Indiana has a statute of limitations on motorcycle accidents and wrongful death lawsuits. A member of our team is available to hear from you right now. Contact us to schedule your free case consultation today.

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