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How to obtain and read your Indiana car accident report

Car accident report

When a crash occurs, police will usually arrive at the crash scene to conduct an initial investigation. The information they gather at the crash scene will later be documented in an official car accident report (Indiana Officer's Standard Crash Report). If you've been injured in a crash, getting a copy of this report is critical. Your car accident report can provide solid evidence to help you build a strong legal claim. But if any information is inaccurate, insurance companies can use errors on your report to hurt your claim. The attorneys at Boughter Sinak, LLC can fight to have errors on your report corrected. Below, we explain how to obtain a copy of your official car accident report and what you will find on it.

Obtaining a copy of your Indiana car accident report

You can obtain a copy of your car accident report from the Indiana State Police website using the LexisNexis "BuyCrash" system. Here, you would simply enter your email address and crash report order number. This process can save you the time and effort of having to go to a police station and wait in line. Your report will be available for 30 days after purchasing it.

If you're unable to purchase a copy of your report, our attorneys can get a copy for you.

What you will find on your Indiana car accident report

Your Indiana car accident report consists of three pages, each containing critical details pertaining to your crash. Here's what you will find on your report:

Page 1

  • The basics - At the top of page one, you'll find basic information. This includes the crash date, time, location and the number of vehicles involved.
  • Contributing factors - Here, the investigating officer will check off one or more contributing factors the likely led to your crash. This may include alcohol, drugs, speed, brake failure or a slew of other factors.
  • Weather and road conditions - The officer will check off inclement weather or unfavorable road conditions that likely contributed to the crash.
  • Witness information - Here, you'll find the name, address and phone number of witnesses.

Page 2

  • Visual diagram - At the top of page two, the officer will draw a visual diagram indicating how the crash occurred. This section may include details that aren't documented anywhere else on the report.
  • Written narrative - In the narrative section, the officer will describe how they believed the crash occurred.

Page 3

  • Unit information - The report considers a vehicle involved in the crash a "unit." Each unit will have its own page and contain the details below:
    • Driver information - Name, address, driver's license number, date of birth and license type.
    • Vehicle information - Color, year, make, model, style, license plate number and license state.
    • Additional information - Vehicle type and use, safety equipment used, driver injuries, pre-crash driver actions and commercial vehicle information.

Page 4 

  • Non-driver injury information - If any passengers, pedestrians or bicyclists were injured in the crash, police will document the details here. That includes:
    • Basic information - The name, address, date of birth, gender and injury status of the non-driver.
    • Additional information - Safety equipment used, injury location, position in or on the vehicle or if the non-driver was ejected or trapped.

Our attorneys will use your report to build a strong case

Once you've received a copy of your car accident report and ensured that all information is accurate, our attorneys can use it as a basis for a larger investigation. For example, we can cross-reference the details on the report with witness statements, physical evidence we collect at the crash scene, video footage and other pieces of evidence we collect. With solid evidence, it's difficult for the other driver's insurance company to dispute your claim.

Additionally, our attorneys will negotiate for a fair financial settlement on your behalf. We won't settle for anything less than the compensation you deserve. Contact us online or call us to get started on your free case evaluation.

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