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Indiana Observes Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month

A head-on motorcycle accident from the POV of the biker.

The better the weather, the more motorcyclists there are on the road throughout Indiana. This year, bikers have started hitting the streets earlier than usual. This early start has coincided with a noticeable uptick in motorcycle accidents. In response, the nonprofit ABATE of Indiana is emphasizing the importance of motorcycle safety.

The ongoing uptick in fatal motorcycle crashes should serve as a serious wake-up call. In response, ABATE is urging drivers to be extra vigilant and always double-check for motorcycles. The organization also urges motorcyclists to take safety precautions before hitting the open road.

Motorcycle safety and awareness tips for drivers

Using safety precautions behind the wheel helps drivers prevent crashes with motorcycles by giving them more time to react to the motorcycle's movements and ensuring they are aware of its presence. The motorcycle safety and awareness tips ABATE gives to drivers include:

  • Staying alert for motorcyclists: Motorcycles are smaller and can be harder to spot. Drivers should always check their mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and at intersections. They should also be aware that larger vehicles can block the sight of motorcycles. This is crucial for avoiding left-turn accidents and sideswipe collisions, which often happen because motorcycles are not easily seen.
  • Maintaining a safe following distance: When behind a motorcycle, it's best to keep a minimum of four seconds of following distance. This allows drivers plenty of time to stop or avoid a potential collision, reducing the risk of rear-end accidents, which are common when drivers tailgate motorcyclists.
  • Using turn signals: Drivers should always signal their intentions before changing lanes or merging into traffic. This lets motorcyclists anticipate traffic flow and react accordingly, helping to prevent sideswipe accidents and lane-change collisions.
  • Respecting motorcycles as full-size vehicles: Motorcycles have the same rights and privileges as any other vehicle on the road. Drivers should give motorcyclists a full lane width. Treating motorcycles as full-size vehicles can help prevent sideswipe accidents and ensure safer sharing of the road.

Common motorcycle accident injuries

Motorcycle accidents can lead to a variety of severe injuries due to the limited protection riders have compared to those in other vehicles. Here are some of the most frequently occurring injuries:

  • Head and brain injuries: Even with helmets, motorcyclists are at risk for traumatic brain injuries and concussions. These head injuries are particularly dangerous and can have long-term impacts on mental and physical health.
  • Road rash: Road rash occurs when a rider slides across the pavement, causing severe abrasions and skin damage. These injuries can range from minor scrapes to deep wounds that require extensive treatment to prevent infection.
  • Bone fractures: Fractures are common in motorcycle accidents, often affecting the arms, legs, and ribs. These injuries typically happen when a rider is ejected from the bike or if a limb gets trapped during the crash.
  • Spinal cord damage: Spinal injuries can be life-altering, potentially causing partial or complete paralysis. The force of a motorcycle crash can severely damage the spinal cord, leading to long-term health issues and disability.
  • Internal injuries: Internal injuries, such as those to the liver, spleen, or kidneys, may not be immediately apparent but are often life-threatening. These injuries require prompt medical attention to address internal bleeding and other serious complications.

Our Indiana motorcycle accident lawyers fight for injured bikers

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