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What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in the U.S.?

Truck roll over accident on shoulder of freeway.

Semi-truck accidents have the potential to cause severe and debilitating injuries

Although 18-wheelers make up no more than 5 percent of all the registered vehicles on the road, truck accidents are still fairly common in Indiana and across the nation. Injuries and fatalities are also common when it comes to truck accidents because heavy trucks are taller and typically weigh at least 20 to 30 times more than the average passenger vehicle. And while any person traveling in a smaller vehicle is vulnerable to injury or death in a collision with a semi, certain types of truck accidents present more risk simply because they occur the most often.

Here are the most common types of truck accidents in the United States:

1. Rear-end truck accidents

Compared to passenger vehicles, trucks are limited when it comes to acceleration control, braking, and driver visibility. All these factors can lead to a rear-end collision. A truck can either rear-end another vehicle, or a vehicle can rear-end the back of a truck. Regardless of who hits who, rear-end accidents can have devastating results. The people involved in this kind of accident can suffer from whiplash, neck, head, and spine injuries, and, worst-case scenario, death. While a rear-end truck accident can occur for many different reasons, the most common cause is speeding. When a trucker is going too fast, they won't have enough time to react to changing traffic patterns or slow down quickly enough due to the semi's braking system.

2. Rollovers

One of the most common types of truck accidents in the U.S., rollovers can happen for a lot of different reasons.  The most common causes of rollover truck accidents are:

  • Speeding on a curve
  • Poor truck stability
  • Dangerous roads from weather conditions
  • A shifting load
  • Failure to keep up with proper maintenance

Truck drivers have to be careful, especially on curved roads or going around tight turns. The cargo the truck is carrying, or even the entire truck, can potentially roll over.

3. Running off the road or lane

Truckers may drive off the road or lane to avoid an obstacle on the road. Sometimes if a truck runs off the road, it is because the driver was fatigued or distracted. Whatever the reason, this type of truck accident is dangerous because the truck could easily crash into another vehicle.

4. Side Swipes

Sideswipe accidents happen when a truck and another vehicle are traveling side by side next to each other. Either a truck driver may not realize how close to another lane they are, or a driver of another vehicle doesn't see a truck in their blind spot. Side swipes also happen when drivers briefly lose control because they are speeding, distracted, fatigued, or driving under the influence. When a side swipe accident happens, the smaller vehicle can be pushed sideways into other lanes, threatening the lives of those in oncoming traffic.

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