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Pedestrian Accident Fatalities Soar To Four-Decade High

A pedestrian crosswalk in a rural setting.

Pedestrian accident deaths continued to climb higher last year to a record high, according to a recent pedestrian accident safety study, which offered suggestions for reducing pedestrian accidents nationwide.

"Both state and national data confirm that the pedestrian safety crisis on U.S. roads is worsening," according to a recent study conducted by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).

Pedestrian accident deaths set new record

The GHSA has published its annual "Pedestrian Traffic Fatality" report, shedding light on pedestrian deaths in 2022. Based on accident data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a staggering 7,508 pedestrians died in accidents last year, marking the highest number of pedestrian deaths in a single year since 1981.

Recent years have seen a concerning rise in pedestrian accidents, with a nationwide increase of 77 percent in pedestrian fatalities since 2010. Furthermore, between 2019 and 2022, pedestrian deaths rose by 19 percent, as reported by the GHSA.

Indiana pedestrian accident statistics

While there is some positive news regarding pedestrian fatalities in Indiana, there are concerning trends to consider. According to the GHSA report, there was a decrease in pedestrian fatalities last year, with 109 pedestrian deaths recorded statewide. This marks a 12.8 percent decrease compared to the previous year, where 125 pedestrian deaths occurred in Indiana.

However, it is important to note that both numbers are significantly higher than the pedestrian fatalities recorded in previous years. A decade ago, in 2012, Indiana reported 59 pedestrian fatalities, according to NHTSA data. This represents an alarming 84 percent increase in the number of pedestrian deaths in Indiana from 2012 to 2022.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Most pedestrian accidents are caused by reckless or negligent drivers who fail to share the road. Specific factors contributing to pedestrian collisions include distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving.

Drinking and driving continues to be a significant cause of pedestrian accidents, accounting for 19 percent of pedestrian fatalities, as highlighted in the GHSA study.

Additionally, the GHSA reports that 9 percent of pedestrian deaths result from drivers exceeding the speed limit.

How to prevent pedestrian accidents

GHSA officials and traffic safety experts have put forth recommendations to reduce the prevalence of pedestrian accidents, including:

  • Enhance lighting infrastructure on city streets, particularly at crosswalks and locations with a history of pedestrian accidents.
  • Conduct comprehensive driver education programs to raise awareness about the risks pedestrians face and the significance of sharing the road with them and other non-motorized users.
  • Strengthen police enforcement efforts targeting drunk driving, texting while driving, and speeding, which are major contributors to pedestrian accidents.
  • Implement lower speed limits in areas with frequent pedestrian accidents, providing a safer environment for pedestrians.
  • Emphasize road design that prioritizes the safety of all users, including pedestrians, by integrating pedestrian-friendly features and considerations into the planning and construction processes.

If you were hit by a car in Indiana, a pedestrian accident lawyer can help

Claims involving pedestrian accidents often escalate into complex legal cases, primarily due to the significant financial stakes involved. When an injured pedestrian requires extensive medical treatment and is unable to work, the consequences become even more profound.

That's why insurance companies often vigorously defend against pedestrian accident claims, aiming to minimize their liability and reduce the compensation owed to the injured party.

At Boughter Sinak, LLC, our dedicated Indiana pedestrian accident lawyers understand the intricacies of such cases. With years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the legal system's nuances and know how to navigate the challenges involved in seeking fair compensation for pedestrian accident victims.

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