If you have been injured in a bicycle, golf cart, ATV, or snowmobile accident due to someone else’s negligence, our expertise can be of service to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Cyclist Struck by Company Truck

Recovery for a prominent chef in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who was struck by a supply company truck, while riding his bicycle.  The truck driver pulled from the stop sign directly into the path of the client knocking him to the ground.  The client suffered a head injury, which required a three day hospitalization.  Once released from the hospital the client did not have any significant medical treatment.  The medical bills totaled approximately $30,000.00; however, Boughter Sinak, LLC argued that the amount of the bills were not truly representative of the value of the claim given that the client lost his sense of taste and smell.  The defense contested the extent of the injuries leading Boughter Sinak, LLC to send the client for a neuropsychological evaluation with an independent medical expert, which established that client had significant ongoing problems.  At mediation, the defense offered a mere $90,000.00, which the client rejected on advice of counsel.  Several months later, the case settled for the fair value of the claim short of trial.