We handle a wide range of construction accident cases in Indiana, and when accidents and injuries occur on a construction site, our Indiana injury attorneys will come alongside you to identify the right kind of claims you qualify for.

Catastrophic Spinal Injury

Recovery for a young man who suffered a catastrophic spinal injury as the result of a pipe falling on his head due to the negligence of a third party contractor, causing paraplegia.  The defense argued unsuccessfully that the client’s exclusive remedy was the workers' compensation act.  Notably, two other prominent personal injury law firms from Indianapolis turned down the case because they were convinced that the Plaintiff’s claims would likely fall within the exclusive purview of the Workers' Compensation Act.  


Construction Site Fatality | Wrongful Death/Workers’ Compensation

Settlement in a wrongful death construction case. While working within the course and scope of his employment, a heavy equipment attachment fell on the decedent striking him in the head causing his untimely demise. Boughter Sinak, LLC sued the general contractor, alleging that it failed to monitor the safety of its sub-contractors, which contributed to the accident. While the majority of the fault was likely to be attributed to the employer and there was a serious dispute over whether the claims would be dismissed as a matter of law, Boughter Sinak, LLC was still able to negotiate a successful resolution of the case, which enabled the decedent's two children to receive compensation to help with their future life endeavors. Prior to retaining Boughter Sinak, LLC, another attorney had declined representation of the family given the difficulty of the case and the unlikelihood of any recovery.