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As Indiana lawyers specializing in accident and injury claims, we represent people in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and throughout the region. When a workplace injury arises, a workers’ compensation claim is often necessary. Though your employer or the insurance carrier will likely try to stall or deny compensation, our law firm will assist you through every stage of the workers’ compensation claim. It is our goal to see you recover quickly and be compensated fairly.

In many cases, our office will advance the cost of obtaining a second medical opinion in an effort to verify the workers’ compensation physician’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Many times employees will be released prematurely in a workers’ compensation claim – we work to fight for your rights to workers’ compensation benefits.


Workplace Injury and Third Party Claims

In addition to helping injured workers obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve, our attorneys will also review your claim to determine the viability of any third party (non-employer) who may be responsible for your injuries such as: subcontractors, third party maintenance companies, third party employees, etc. When pursuing a third party recovery, it is important to retain an attorney that is experienced both in workers’ compensation law and general personal injury/negligence law; otherwise, you could adversely affect your right to certain benefits or damages you may be entitled to under the law. The attorneys of Boughter Sinak handle workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims exclusively and are able to fully advise you of the law and the potential for recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation.   

Prevent Slips and Falls

Each year, June is designated as National Safety Month by the National Safety Council. At Boughter Sinak, LLC, we decided to do our part in raising awareness by sharing 10 helpful tips on how to prevent slips and falls.

Are Workplace Injuries in Indiana on the Rise?

If you experience a workplace injury or illness, you could be entitled to a lawyer. Our personal injury law firm in South Bend and Fort Wayne will come alongside you and guide you through the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need someone to fight for your workplace injury case.
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Boughter Law Experience

For starters I knew I was going to get an aggressive attorney after calling 3 others for a workers' compensation issue at around 4 pm on a Thursday, and he was the only attorney to return my messages and he returned it that Friday morning, none of the others ever bothered to call. He did indeed prove to very aggressive as the case dragged on for about a year and got me the most I was entitled to in this anti worker state of Indiana. You'll find out how anti worker this state is when you have to go through a workers' compensation claim! He is very experienced in this field, in fact he specializes in workers' compensation unlike a lot of lawyers who try to specialize in everything, you know the type, jack of all trades expert in none kind of operation. So if you want an aggressive, or as he says, "a fighter", give Boughter Sinak, LLC a call—you'll be glad you did.

- Frederick R.