The city of Fort Wayne has just announced plans to file a public nuisance lawsuit against 3 well-known drug distributors:

  • Amerisource Bergen
  • Cardinal Health, and 
  • the McKesson Corporation.

These are the 3 largest wholesale distributors of opioids in the United States, and the lawsuit seeks to hold them accountable for bringing opioids to Fort Wayne and making Fort Wayne’s opioid crisis possible.

The announcement of the lawsuit was made on December 18th by Mayor Tom Henry in conjunction with Health Commissioner Dr. Deborah McMahan, Police Chief Steve Reed, and Fire Chief Eric Lahey.

Any funds won in the lawsuit would be used to provide greater education, treatment, and law enforcement of opioid use within our local community.

According to an article on, the Fort Wayne Police Department found opioid use to be responsible for:

  • 94 overdose deaths with 50 pending
  • 1,130 overdose runs (98 in November alone)
  • 512 patients received Narcan/Naloxone (FWPD, FWFD, TRAA)
  • Low-end estimate of approximately $90,000 in man-hours alone (no equipment, fuel, etc.) in responding to overdose calls so far this year

All of that just within the year 2017 alone! We hope that legal efforts such as this will lower those statistics in the coming year, and help to remedy the ever growing opioid crisis in Fort Wayne.

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