Mariah Thomas was introduced to the Fort Wayne Urban League at the young age of 8 years old. She participated in the dance program and went on to volunteer during her high school years. The education programs at the FWUL not only encouraged Mariah to keep her grades up, but gave her the tools and resources to do so. She was a 4.0 student throughout high school. 

When it was time for Mariah to graduate from high school, John, a trusted leader at the Fort Wayne Urban League, worked with her to find scholarships that would help to offset the cost of her college education. With John’s help, and Mariah’s hard work, she was accepted into the Hudson & Holland Scholarship Program at Indiana University. This program supports high-achieving, underrepresented minorities. Because of this scholarship, and several others, Mariah pays virtually nothing for her college education. She remains an all-A student and continues to work very hard to put her education first.

When asked why she thinks the FWUL is important, Mariah shared with us, “If it wasn’t for the Urban League and what they give back to the community, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Mariah’s story is like many others who have been impacted by the Fort Wayne Urban League. This is why our law office is choosing to partner with the Fort Wayne Urban League in an effort to give back to an organization who gives so much.

If you would like to be part of the change, please visit our campaign page and donate to the Fort Wayne Urban League.

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