It’s hard for us to imagine the devastation that was suffered in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey—countless homes lost and entire subdivisions destroyed. It was a situation that proved difficult to plan for, and it will most certainly be a long road to recovery. For some, though, the damages went beyond their homes and personal belongings.

Many nursing homes are being criticized for their lack of an evacuation plan and their negligence to their residents in the wake of the storm. Much of the criticism being spurred from a viral photo of elderly residents in waist-deep water desperately trying to get help at one local nursing home facility.

One woman in particular, Tonya Petix, is fighting back against Senior Care Centers, a nursing home management company, as she seeks to file a medical malpractice claim for the horrendous conditions that her mother endured in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In an article by KHOU, Petix was quoted as saying, "I wouldn't have had my dog in those conditions, let alone my mother or anyone's mother.”

The idea of our elderly loved ones being mistreated is a disturbing thought that sparks fear in many Americans. No one wants to believe that human decency would allow people to treat others so poorly, but the stories prove that it happens more often than people would like to admit. So what can we do about it?

We feel Petix said it best in her interview with KHOU. “These elderly need a voice. Our generation, we are their voice.”

Read the full story from KHOU.

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The news coverage may be over, but the road to recovery is just beginning for Texas. You can make a difference by donating to the Red Cross.

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