This time of year it seems that everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions.  Maybe you made one, maybe you didn’t.  But did you know that resolution is also a legal term?

According to “The Law Dictionary”, a resolution is:

“The determination or decision, in regard to its opinion or intention, of a deliberative or legislative body, public assembly, town council, board of directors or the like.”

This year - or as a matter of fact every year - we at Boughter Sinak, LLC make it our resolution to do our very best to fight for our clients and to help them get every dollar that they deserve in their personal injury cases and wrongful death claims.

That’s why we deal exclusively with accident and personal injury claims, because it allows us to focus on working towards being the very best at what we do.  To reference the legal definition of resolution, being the best personal injury attorneys and accident lawyers that we can be for Fort WayneSouth Bend, and the surrounding communities is a deliberate determination or decision (a.k.a. resolution) that we make year after year.

We never tire of fighting for the personal injury claims and wrongful death cases in Indiana, and we look forward to another year of fulfilling our resolutions in 2016.

Happy New Year and best of luck with your 2016 resolutions!


Photo courtesy: Generation BassCC2.0 License

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