Filing a Claim When Another Driver Isn’t at Fault

If you hit black ice on the road or get surprised by an animal jumping out in front of your car, it might lead to an accident. Here are a few scenarios when another driver may not be the cause of your accident.

Young Boy Injured in Mini-Bike Accident

A young boy was injured after pulling his mini-bike out in front of a motorcyclist. He suffered injuries to his wrist, torso, and leg and was found to not be wearing any protective gear.

Factors of a Motorcycle Accident Case

Breaking down the details of an accident and the factors involved in causing it can be a window into how a settlement offer or a jury’s verdict will turn out for you, the plaintiff.

7 Damaging Myths About Motorcycle Safety

Keep myths out of your safety plan. If you've been in a motorcycle accident, contact motorcycle accident attorneys at Boughter Sinak today for a free evaluation.

10 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Real Riders 

On a motorcycle, you’re more exposed to obstructions in the road, cars, & trucks. If you or another driver isn't paying attention, the results could be catastrophic.

4 Myths About Your Personal Injury Case

It’s easy for wrong information to be spread in place of the more accurate, less discernible information. Here are four common myths about personal injury cases and why they’re incorrect.

10 Common Mistakes in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are tricky—proving pain and suffering alongside whatever parts of the injury are physically visible requires an experienced attorney and a strongly built case.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

We will work with you to assess your case in a free consultation and determine if you have a personal injury claim. From there, we'll fight for you every step of the way to ensure maximum compensation for your losses.

10 Tips for Safe Driving in Construction Zones

Construction zones can be frustrating, and also dangerous if drivers aren't paying attention. Here's 10 tips for safe driving in construction zones during the summer months.

Two Injured in Crash from Road-Rage Speed Contest

Fort Wayne police department responds to a road-rage speed contest that ends in a crash in on Tuesday, April 25. The crash involved a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle resulting in critical injuries.