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With the rise of smartphones, distracted driving is a bigger problem than ever before on Indiana roads. But texting and driving is just one form of distracted driving, and every form is dangerous. Every day, people are injured and even killed by the negligence of distracted drivers.

If you've been injured in a distracted driving accident, you need an experienced attorney to help you seek the justice you deserve. You need a Fort Wayne distracted driving accident attorney at Boughter Sinak, LLC.

Indiana drivers have a responsibility to keep their eyes on the road

When you're behind the wheel of a car, your job is to keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and your mind focused on the task of safely operating your vehicle. But too many drivers neglect those responsibilities. Some of the most common forms of distracted driving on our roads include:

  • Cell phone use, including texting while driving
  • Talking to passengers
  • Eating and drinking
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Programming a GPS
  • Rubbernecking

It only takes a moment of distraction for a motorist to cause a serious accident. And while some might make excuses for distracted drivers - after all, our lives are busier than ever - the truth is that nothing is worth the risk of causing a serious crash. Distracted drivers have a choice. They can pull over or simply wait until they get to their destination. When they choose to be distracted behind the wheel, we hold them accountable.

We know how to handle tough, contested cases

Distracted driving is a form of negligence that can make the distracted driver liable for a car accident. However, things are rarely so simple. The distracted driver may lie about his or her actions, or even blame you for the crash. And the insurance company responsible for compensating you will do everything in its power to reduce or deny your claim.

That's why, after getting medical attention, you need to contact us right away. Our team will investigate the accident scene, talk to witnesses and find out what really happened. We'll uncover the evidence that proves the driver who hit you was distracted. We'll also prepare a strong case, using expert witnesses if needed, for the full amount of damages that you need to put your life back together.

Our attorneys fiercely advocate for our clients, and the insurance companies know it. In most cases, they're willing to agree to a fair settlement, but when that doesn't happen, we're prepared to take them to trial.

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