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Does Health Insurance Cover Indiana Motorcycle Accidents?

Can I use my health insurance to pay for crash injury medical treatment?

After a bad accident in Indiana, you need immediate medical attention, and you can’t wait for the insurance company to make a substantial settlement offer to start treatment. But without a settlement, who is going to pay the urgent medical bills when they start rolling in?

For many car and truck drivers in this scenario, health insurance may pick up the tab until crash compensation is sorted out. However, for an injured motorcycle rider, your health insurance may cover these expenses – or it may not. It depends on your specific policy.

Many health insurance policies specifically exempt motorcycle accident injuries from coverage. In fact, researchers estimate that between 14 percent and 43 percent of motorcycle crash medical bills are paid out of the injured biker’s own pocket.

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Insurance compensation after a motorcycle accident

Health insurance is not necessarily intended to pay for traffic accident injuries; it’s one of the reasons people must purchase auto insurance. Once the negligent driver that hit you is held accountable, if your health insurance paid for any type of treatment, they will likely seek subrogation. This means that they are looking for a refund from the at-fault driver’s insurance.

If the driver is underinsured or uninsured, you may have to file a claim with your motorcycle insurance provider. If you purchased one or both of the following optional coverage you may be eligible for:

  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (UM) - UM is coverage that you purchase to pay for injuries to you in an accident. Basically, you may file a claim if the at-fault driver does not have insurance, you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, or you have exhausted the other driver’s policy but still need compensation for medical treatment. How much you collect depends on your policy limit.
  • Medical Payments (Med Pay, aka Medpay) – Regardless of fault, this policy pays crash-related medical bills up to the policy limit.

Indiana does not require you to purchase UM or Med Pay, but these policies can be lifesavers for bike wreck victims. However, even if you have these policies, it doesn’t mean your insurance company is going to give you the compensation you deserve. Our Indiana motorcycle insurance lawyers hold insurance companies accountable for the promises they make in their policies. We always demand maximum compensation for injured bike wreck victims.

Indiana lawyers on the side of injured motorcycle accident victims

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