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8 Ways to Ensure Safety While Riding a Motorcycle

With Spring quickly approaching, many motorcyclists will want to get back out on the road. As thrilling as it is to ride, it can be equally dangerous behind the handlebars of a bike. A motorcycle crash is nearly 30 times more likely to end in fatality than a standard motor vehicle crash, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). 

Your safety is our priority. Here’s a few ways for new and seasoned motorcyclists to ensure safety while enjoying the ride.

  • Have a Bike that Suits You – Having a bike that allows you to comfortably place both feet on the ground is essential. Additionally, the handlebars should be easy to reach. Any discomfort in these areas could result in an accident. And remember, motorcyclists should never underestimate the power of modern day bikes when looking to purchase. An engine model in the 250-500cc range is more than enough power to start with, and can handle the highways. 
  • Invest in Anti-Lock Brakes – According to IIHS research, having ABS brakes on your bike can reduce your chances of being in a fatal accident by 31%. The reason being that these brake systems allow the rider to maintain control of an abrupt stop without worrying about skidding and crashing. 
  • Inspect the Bike – Before you hit the road, make sure to check the bike’s vitals to ensure everything is in working condition as it should be. Examples include: adequate tire pressure, oil levels, brake fluid, turn signals, and any signs of leaks. Additionally, warm up the bike before taking off on a ride. 
  • Gear Up – It might look cool or tough to ride without wearing safety gear. The question is, is it worth it? According to government studies, riders without a helmet are 3 times more likely to sustain brain injuries than those with helmets. Wearing a helmet, along with protective clothing such as a leather jacket, gloves, and full pants, will do a better job protecting you than going without. 
  • Be Visible – Be sure to ride on a road where you can be seen. Whether or not it’s dark outside, always be prepared with reflective clothing and ride in a position where you can be seen by other drivers on the road.
  • Keep Bikes Staggered – Never tailgate a biker in front of you. There is always a chance that another biker could need to come to an abrupt stop. Leave yourself plenty of room and maintain a clear view of the road ahead.
  • Be Aware of Road Hazards – Riding a bike can make you more susceptible to major accidents due to road conditions. Stay alert on the road to watch for potholes, cracks, and loose gravel. Additionally, weather hazards have a stronger impact on bikers than those tucked safely away in a standard motor vehicle. Be aware of local forecasts to protect yourself. 
  • Keep Track of Road Markings – Maintain awareness of road markings such as lines and sign indicators. These markings will help you know what other motorists are doing and how to best share the road. 

Keeping these safety tips in mind, go out to enjoy the ride! If for some reason you are unable to avoid an accident, Boughter Sinak, LLC will be glad to take care of your personal injury needs. Contact us for a free consultation today!