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Why Should I Hire A Fort Wayne, IN Car Accident Lawyer?

Our experienced car accident attorneys explain why

The Fort Wayne car accident lawyers at Boughter Sinak, LLC understand that you probably have a lot of questions about your car crash. Right near the top of your list may be why you even need an attorney to help you with your claim.

Below, we have outlined some of the reasons why we strongly believe you should hire a lawyer to help you with your accident claim. Our advice is based on years of successfully helping people injured in car accidents caused by other drivers in Fort Wayne and throughout Allen County.

You have legal options after your car accident and the sooner you talk to an attorney at our law firm, the sooner we can get to work on your case. That’s why we want to meet with you at our Fort Wayne office right away. Contact our law firm today.

Reasons why you should hire a Fort Wayne car accident attorney

There are many reasons why we believe you should hire a car accident lawyer, including:

  • Having someone on your side who thoroughly understands Indiana’s traffic laws.
  • You have a limited amount of time to take legal action in Indiana after your car crash. The deadline (known as the “statute of limitations”) is two years in most cases.
  • An experienced attorney knows what evidence to look for to build a strong case.
  • Your lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.
  • You can file a car accident lawsuit if necessary, in Allen County (or wherever your accident occurred) to recover damages (financial compensation).
  • Your attorney only works for you, not the insurance companies or anyone else.
  • You often only have one opportunity to obtain all the financial compensation you need for all your accident-related expenses.

It’s also important to have a lawyer who knows Fort Wayne handling your car accident. Otherwise, you might not obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve after your auto accident.

Put your trust in our Fort Wayne car accident lawyers. We can help.

The stakes are high after a serious car accident. The attorney for the at-fault driver’s insurance company knows this. That’s why they often do everything they can to reduce or deny your accident claim.

Our Fort Wayne law firm can help you stand up for your rights. We can gather the evidence you need to build the strongest possible legal claim. We frequently consult with accident reconstruction experts. We know how the legal system works in Allen County and other surrounding areas. That’s why we have such a strong track record of success.

Remember, you didn’t do anything wrong. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation at our Fort Wayne, Indiana office today. Our car accident attorneys can fight for your rights, every step of the way.

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