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Hurt in a Jackknife Truck Accident?

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When you've been injured by a jackknifing semi truck on the highway, you may be overwhelmed by what to do next. There are few things scarier than a jackknife truck accident, but there is hope. Get a determined truck accident attorney on your side from Boughter Sinak, LLC. We can work to recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Reckless driving, maintenance issues cause jackknife accidents

A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer of a semi truck folds in towards the cab, forming a "V" shape. Serious injuries can result when cars are hit by the swinging trailer or caught in the angle between the trailer and the cab. Some of the most common causes of jackknifing include:

  • Following too closely: This puts the truck in the danger zone if the vehicle in front slows down or stops suddenly. If the driver has to slam on the brakes, the wheels may lock, causing a jackknife.
  • Braking and swerving: When the truck has to maneuver around an obstacle, the best practice is to brake, then steer, then reapply the brakes. Braking and swerving at the same time is highly dangerous.
  • Handling turns improperly: Decelerating during a turn often results in jackknifing. The trucker should brake in a straight line while approaching the turn, then release the brakes while negotiating the turn itself.

There are several reasons why truck drivers make mistakes that lead to jackknifing. They may be inexperienced and poorly equipped to handle a tractor-trailer. They may be distracted and fail to notice an upcoming turn in time to negotiate it properly. Or they may be speeding, driving recklessly, or fatigued.

The reality is that jackknifing is almost always the responsibility of the truck driver - and the trucking company. But when it comes time to pay for the results of their negligence, trucking companies often fight back.

A fierce advocate on your side

We know how to build a winning case for the compensation you deserve from the trucking company. Jackknife accidents are high-stakes cases, and you need an experienced attorney with a winning track record to fight for your legal rights. Our attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding your jackknife accident, find out what happened and justify every dollar we demand on your behalf.

That's why your first step after a jackknife truck accident should be to contact us. We can meet with you at our offices in Fort Wayne or South Bend, or we can come to you. Call 1-877-962-4373 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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