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Underride Accidents in Indiana

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When you've been in an underride accident, you may be shocked and overwhelmed. You may have a severe or permanent injury, or you may have lost a loved one. The experienced truck accident attorneys at Boughter Sinak, LLC know how to handle these complex cases, and we would be honored to fight for you.

These accidents are devastating, but you're not alone

An underride truck accident happens when a smaller vehicle strikes the rear or side of a semi truck and slides underneath the trailer. These crashes can be devastating because part of the trailer often enters the cab of the smaller vehicle. Loss of limbs, brain injuries and even death are sadly common.

Modern trucks have rear underride guards that are intended to prevent this from happening in a rear-end collision. However, these guards often fail, either due to faulty design or improper maintenance. Most trucks do not have side underride guards, even though underride is a serious danger in side-impact collisions as well.

It's the trucking company's responsibility to make sure that every trailer is safe. When they fail to do so, we fight to hold them accountable.

We have a proven record of winning tough cases

In an underride case, either the trucking company or the manufacturer of the truck could be a defendant. No matter how devastated your family is due to the accident, these large companies are only interested in protecting their bottom line. They will put their most experienced attorneys and investigators on the case, and they will go to work quickly to protect their own interests.

That's why you need to contact us right away. We can launch an independent investigation to find out exactly what happened. We can listen to your story and find out the full impact that your injuries have had on your life. And we will fight hard for every dollar of compensation you deserve, in negotiations and at trial.

Often, we're able to work with the insurance company to find a settlement that meets your needs. But if that's not possible, we are ready to take them to court and argue your case in front of a judge and jury.

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